De Design Shop is an anually returning pop-up shop, no big labels but directly from designers, makers and publishers. The design store focusses on exhibiting ánd selling the most inspiring, beautiful and innovative products.
By opening De Design Shop for nine days during Dutch Design Week, we want to offer designers, makers and publishers a place to exhibit and sell their designs to a wide audience. Since selling your products is often a big deal in growing as a designer, we have been focussing on creating a place during Dutch Design Week where these products can both be shown and sold.
This year we're back, even better than ever. Not only popping up on a physical locations, but also launching an online platform.

De Design Shop, part of location ‘envisions’, focussed on design products, 2D works and books complementing each other within a well curated presentation, in which all products were visibly for sale. De Design Shop is a place where visitors are both impressed and curious while strolling through all beautiful, unique products, prints, books and more.

During the nine days of Dutch Design Week, we launched the online pop-up platform:, next to the physical store. 
During Dutch Design Week 2022 I curated De Design Shop together with Zowa Rindt.
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