The innovative technique 'Laserglazing' has been developed through experimental research that combines computer-controlled lasers with ceramic glazes. This method utilizes the unique interaction between glazes and the heat of a laser, resulting in extraordinary finishes.
The process of the Laserglazed Lights - Photography by Sanne Kaal
The collaboration between Sanne Kaal and Olivier van der Mark focuses on the interaction between light and Laserglazed porcelain. The light-transmissive nature of this very thinly casted material creates a remarkable canvas that is excellently suited to showcase the complexity and precision of the technique.

As the initial outcome of this research, they have created a collection of three lamps. Each of these pieces is handmade and uniquely influenced by this experimental technique.
The Laserglazed Lights at Dutch Design Week- Photography by Sanne Kaal
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